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  • End of Chapter Solutions from Chemistry text (password protected zip file due to copyright restrictions - SOUTH STUDENTS ONLY) if you have problems, try downloading WinZip (free trial) or Mac users, try Unarchiver. These are also available on My Big Campus (login required).

  • The Society of Women Engineers has a new chapter in the area. Check out their blog at

  • Schedule

    Monday, March 24 - Thermodynamics: Intro, definitions, endo, exo
    Tuesday, March 25 - Thermodynamics: Calorimetry
    Wednesday, March 26 - Hess' Law
    Thursday, March 27 - Standard Enthalpy and Entropy
    Friday, March 28 - Gibbs Free Energy, Energy Diagrams

    Monday, March 31 - Review Day
    Tuesday, April 1 - Test on Thermodynamics
    Wednesday, April 2 - Electrochemistry: Balancing Redox
    Thursday, April 3 - Electrochemistry: Balancing Redox & Basic Redox; last day to turn in test corrections
    Friday, April 4 - Electrochemistry: Galvanic Cells; Shockwave Flash video: Electrochemical cell (Cu/Zn battery)

    Monday, April 7 - Finding Cell potentials; mini lab
    Tuesday, April 8 - Cells, batteries, nFE
    Wednesday, April 9 - Electrolysis
    Thursday, April 10 - Review
    Friday, April 11 - Electrochemistry Test

    Monday, April 14 - Kinetics; pass back Thermo tests; corrections due no later than next Monday
    Tuesday, April 15 - Kinetics; rate laws; order
    Wednesday, April 16 - WebAssign; returned Electrochem tests - corrections due no later than next Wednesday
    Thursday, April 17 - Integrated Rate Laws
    Friday, April 18 - Mechanisms

    Monday, April 21 - Catalysts; last day to turn in thermo test corrections
    Tuesday, April 22 - Review; kinetics demo/lab
    Wednesday, April 23 - last day to turn in electro test corrections; test on kinetics
    Thursday, April 24 - PES data & Mass spectroscopy
    Friday, April 25 - finish spectroscopy if needed, begin AP review

    Monday, April 28 - Friday, May 2 - AP test prep
    Monday, May 5 - AP Exam

  • The Rose-Hulman Homework Hotline toll-free at 1-877-ASK-ROSE is open Sunday through Thursday from 7 to 10 pm.
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