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  • The NASA Cassini Scientist for a Day essay contest info can be found here!

  • End of Chapter Solutions from Chemistry text (password protected zip file due to copyright restrictions - SOUTH STUDENTS ONLY) if you have problems, try downloading WinZip (free trial) or Mac users, try Unarchiver. These are also available on My Big Campus (login required).

  • Schedule

    Monday, September 1 - NO SCHOOL, Labor Day
    Tuesday, September 2 - Finish notes, test Thursday
    Wednesday, September 3 - Review
    Thursday, September 4 - Test
    Friday, September 5 - last day to turn in test corrections; Bonding notes: Types of bonds

    Monday, September 8 - Bonding notes: Dipole moments, lattice energy
    Tuesday, September 9 - Bonding notes: Bond Energies; test corrections due no later than next Tuesday
    Wednesday, September 10 - Bonding notes: Models & Lewis structures
    Thursday, September 11 - Bonding notes: Resonance & formal charge
    Friday, September 12 - Bonding notes: using formal charge to determine best structure; VSEPR

    Monday, September 15 - VSEPR
    Tuesday, September 16 - Chapter 9: Hybridization theory
    Wednesday, September 17 - Chapter 9: Molecular Orbital theory
    Thursday, September 18 - Review
    Friday, September 19 - Test on Bonding

    Monday, September 22 - Notes: Intermolecular Forces (Chapter 10)

  • The Rose-Hulman Homework Hotline toll-free at 1-877-ASK-ROSE is open Sunday through Thursday from 7 to 10 pm.
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