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  • Link to online textbook and OWLv2

  • Schedule

    Monday, May 1 - last day to turn in test corrections; finish group projects
    Tuesday, May 2 - NO SCHOOL, Professional Development Day
    Wednesday, May 3 - Alcohols (Jake, Audrey C., Grace)
    Thursday, May 4 - Carboxylic Acids (Kelli, Lukas, Megan H.)
    Friday, May 5 - Aldehydes & Ketones (Aldridge, Jakob, Ben)

    Monday, May 8 - Work Day
    Tuesday, May 9 - Work Day
    Wednesday, May 10 - Esters (Sarah & Jamie)
    Thursday, May 11 - Ethers (Megan B., Kate, Brit)
    Friday, May 12 - Amines (Luke, Max, Audrey S.)

    Monday, May 15 - Functional Group Summary
    Tuesday, May 16 - Functional Group Summary
    Wednesday, May 17 - Review Day
    Thursday, May 18 - Test on Functional Groups (Mr. Rapp at conference)
    Friday, May 19 - Video (Mr. Rapp at conference)

    Monday, May 22 - Final Exam Review; passed back exams - corrections due at beginning of final exam
    Tuesday, May 23 - Final Exam Review
    Wednesday, May 24 - Final Exam Review
    Thursday, May 25 - Final Exams
    Friday, May 26 - Final Exams - corrections due at beginning of period - don't forget your glass bottle!!!

  • For problem assistance, call the Rose-Hulman Homework Hotline toll-free at 1-877-ASK-ROSE.

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Introduction to Organic and Bonding


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